Jun. 25th, 2016 11:40 am
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Good morning everybody, on this sunny but otherwise still sad and shaky day! [ profile] gracerene tagged me for this meme (thanks dear!) and although I've put more time in this than I'd bother to tell you, it was actually quite fun to do. (While listening to this Spice Girls/ British politics mashup because, yeah.)

01) Name: cabinetcaligari

02) Animal: Ibis

03) Girl's name: Sadie

04) Color: English red (I know, I know, but I wanted to let the English know I am thinking about them, and second, I needed a colour ending with a ‘d’ because…)

05) Movie: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (oh yes)

06) Something you wear: Inverness cape (okay, because I wanted to answer my own username so badly in the question above, I made it quite hard on myself by sort of doing this list backwards and searching for a clothing item with an 'i'. Did you know there aren't really any? However, during a Google search I did find several comment forums dedicated entirely to 'help I need a clothing item with an i', so that was an odd but soothing finding. Plus, look at this bad-ass cape, perfect for channeling your inner Sherlock when it’s raining cats and dogs. The only other clothing thing with an 'i' mentioned was 'insoles' but come on, what would you rather wear?)

07) Drink: Espresso <3

08) Food: Orechiette (ear-shaped pasta to have before your espresso)

09) Item in the bathroom: Eyeliner

10) Place: Ratagan <3 (although my pictures didn’t look that pretty, but I also had a lousy camera)

11) Reason to be late: National Rail Enquiries gave up

Tagging: [ profile] shiftylinguini (oh yes dear), [ profile] anemonen (for when you're back!), [ profile] firethesound (because didn't you love memes? Also dicks. And knitting (link maaaaaybe NSFW)).
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