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2016-06-25 11:40 am


Good morning everybody, on this sunny but otherwise still sad and shaky day! [ profile] gracerene tagged me for this meme (thanks dear!) and although I've put more time in this than I'd bother to tell you, it was actually quite fun to do. (While listening to this Spice Girls/ British politics mashup because, yeah.)

01) Name: cabinetcaligari

02) Animal: Ibis

03) Girl's name: Sadie

04) Color: English red (I know, I know, but I wanted to let the English know I am thinking about them, and second, I needed a colour ending with a ‘d’ because…)

05) Movie: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (oh yes)

06) Something you wear: Inverness cape (okay, because I wanted to answer my own username so badly in the question above, I made it quite hard on myself by sort of doing this list backwards and searching for a clothing item with an 'i'. Did you know there aren't really any? However, during a Google search I did find several comment forums dedicated entirely to 'help I need a clothing item with an i', so that was an odd but soothing finding. Plus, look at this bad-ass cape, perfect for channeling your inner Sherlock when it’s raining cats and dogs. The only other clothing thing with an 'i' mentioned was 'insoles' but come on, what would you rather wear?)

07) Drink: Espresso <3

08) Food: Orechiette (ear-shaped pasta to have before your espresso)

09) Item in the bathroom: Eyeliner

10) Place: Ratagan <3 (although my pictures didn’t look that pretty, but I also had a lousy camera)

11) Reason to be late: National Rail Enquiries gave up

Tagging: [ profile] shiftylinguini (oh yes dear), [ profile] anemonen (for when you're back!), [ profile] firethesound (because didn't you love memes? Also dicks. And knitting (link maaaaaybe NSFW)).
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2016-06-24 08:37 am

Brexit :(((

Oh lord, so there's gonna be a Brexit? I have WAY too many thoughts about this, mainly coming down to 'is this real' and 'I can't handle this'. Especially not the euphoric face of Nigel Farage above every article I've read this morning...

Quote: 'The UK now effectively consists of five nations: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London, and Daily Mail Readers.' :(
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2016-01-19 06:15 pm

Delicious Hugo Weasley art!

Hello dearest flist, aren't you in for a treat this Tuesday!

The wonderful [ profile] shiftylinguini went and made the most (and by most I mean MOST) stunning (and by stunning I mean nrrggghghghg) Hugo art, based on my fic Hot Chocolate. Because she's awesome and super talented like that, and let me tell you, her Hugo is JUST like I imagined him (which is almost creepy). He's looking so perfectly mischievous and irresistible and I totally understand now why my Draco didn't want to do what I wanted him to do while writing, but instead chose to be ignorant and let himself being totally lured in by this sneaky piece of sex on legs.

Super delicious art HERE, and don't forget to leave the artist the love she deserves!
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2015-10-09 05:40 pm
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Rectober: Atrata - In Between Days

Title:In Between Days
Author/Artist: [ profile] atrata
Pairing(s) Snape/ Harry
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 68708
Warnings: dubcon, dubious consent, dubious morality, angst, depression
Summary: Snape kidnaps/rescues a clinically depressed Harry from the Dursleys, but nothing is quite what it seems.

banner by [ profile] capitu

Why I loved it:
In short: Even if you don't ship Snarry, read this. It will make you ship it, or at least ship this Snape with this Harry, because it is just. that. good.

This fic. Where do I even start.

I postponed reading this fic for a long time, because of the warnings. Clinical depression, bleak, angsty, I wasn’t sure if I could handle that. Even though it was recced all over Snarry fandom, described as probably the best Snape characterization around, and also one of the best Snarry fics ever.

This fic is also the reason I didn’t read Snarry for quite a while after finishing this. Because, this fic is SO GOOD, I felt no other fic, no matter how well-written, would give me the feelings this one gave me.

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2015-09-13 05:29 pm

Fic: All I Want From You (Draco Malfoy/ Albus Severus Potter, NC-17)

Title: All I Want From You
Author: [ profile] cabinetcaligari
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/ Albus Severus Potter
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6338
Content/Warnings: dub-con at the beginning, mild D/s dynamics, dubious use of Legilimency, blow jobs, hand jobs, unredeemed!Draco, PWP, epilogue compliant if you want to
Summary: Draco Malfoy is the father of my best friend, my Dad’s nemesis, maybe an ex-Death Eater, and probably not even gay. Also, my illicit obsession for years. So why do I find myself standing on his doorstep right now, asking him if he will give me extra lessons in Arithmancy?
I consider running, but Malfoy already opens the door, smiling a rather nasty smile. ‘Albus. Do come in.’
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.
Link: AO3 or on LJ

Soooo, I wrote a thing O_o

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2014-11-11 03:56 pm
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Friending policy

Hi there!

This journal is mostly friends only. If you want to be added, just send me a message. I don't hesitate to add people who I've chatted with before, or whose names are familiar because we're in the same fandom. If we are REALLY strangers, I would love it if you would send a short message to introduce yourself.
One of the things in fandom I absolutely love is meeting new people, so I'd be glad to become friends!

About this journal: I created this to interact with Harry Potter fandom a bit more. The main pairing I read is Harry/Draco, but my gateway pairing and still a great love is Snarry. I also love crossgen but actually, if it's well-written I read almost anything. Sometimes I post about discussions tickling my mind, questions, curiosities, and disturbing things I've found on the internet. Recently I started to write too and I hope to post more fics in the future because I now discovered how gloriously happy writing can make me :)